MultiTech Access Point Cellular (LoRaWAN)

£325.00 (+ TAX)

MultiTech Access Point Cellular (LoRaWAN)

MultiTech Access Point Cellular (LoRaWAN)

£325.00 (+ TAX)

Product Details

The MultiTech Indoor AP Cellular is an affordable, resilient and optimised indoor gateway for LoRaWAN solutions. MTCAP-LEU1-868-001A Wired Ethernet and Cellular.  (LoRaWAN™ Certified Product).  

This Cellular version allowing your own sim card to be added delivering either Cellular as primary or fail-over connection.  

The Multitech Conduit AP provides deep in-building connectivity and improved performance for connecting thousands of IoT assets.  Simple to deploy, with integrated antennas it can be mounted on walls or ceilings to extend LoRa® coverage in difficult to reach areas where other coverage may not penetrate.

Unique to MultiTech gateways, AEP features include a GUI based environment for easy set-up and comes with a built-in LoRa Network Server.  Unique to Axis360, our Multitech pre-configured gateways offer inbuilt LoRaWAN™ server allows for secure private LoRa networks for clustered IoT assets directly to your choice of IoT data platforms. 

We also offer an end-to-end solution including pre-configured sensors and gateways, connected to your choice of IoT platform. Please see Extras for more information.

Frequency, Certification and Configuration
All our gateways are CE certified, and available for any region including US902-928, EU863-870, AS923, AU915-928 and KR920-923.  Devices can be pre-configured for an additional fee.

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